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strange sore lump in throat

So i woke up the other morning with that feeling you get right before you get a sore throat, so i thaught i was coming down with something. however, last night, i noticed that the soreness was only in one specific area of my throat. the very back of my mouth on my right side.

i checked in the mirror this morning and there is a large swollen lump that hurts when i poke it, swallow, eat, or anything. it doesn't hurt to breathe, or restrict air flow in any way.

my questions are this:
What could it be?
Should i see a doctor? (no insurance/ very little money. would like to only if it's vital)
Is there anything i can do at home to help it go away?
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Hard to say.  Are we talking about your tonsil here?  This could be a tonsillitis, infected salivary gland, dental abscess.  Usually things like this with an acute onset are infections.  Yours could clear on its own or get worse.  Its simply impossible to say otherwise what this is.  Monitor this.  If it gets to the point where you are unable to swallow or (god forbid) breathe, you need to get in and be seen.
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i don't know where my tonsils are (but i know they're in the general vicinity). i do know i still have them though...

if it was tonsillitis, wouldn't it be oosing stuff?

and i'd definitely go if i couldn't swallow/breathe.
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Not necessarily oozing.  Your tonsils are located posterior to your tongue, on either side of the throat.  They generally look a little irregular, a little lumpy; about the size of a walnut.  
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oh! i looked in the mirror. and yes. my left tonsil is normal. my right one is what's swollen. >_<
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