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strep throat over and over

Never had a PCP before, very healthy 30yr old vegetarian (for 15yrs)female. I have had strep throat 4 times in the last 5 months.  2 and a half months ago I started getting arthritis with my 3rd case of strep.  I had what looked like the beginning of a rash.  My first strep I was given amox for 10days, 2nd was given penacillin for 10days, 3rd was given clyndamycin for 10days.  After the 3rd one when I started getting the joint pain my md did some labs and put me on penicillin 4xes/day for an entire month, I also took naproxn 2/day for the pain and then ended up taking ranitidine 2/day for reflux b/c of the naproxn.  During this time I did see an infectious disease md and he also did some labs of his own that did not point to anything specific, and when I was done with the penicillin he gave me 10 days of prednisone.  This took care of the arthritis temperally.  It came back as soon as the prednisone was down to 1/day.  2weeks after that I got strep throat again.  I was instructed to go to the ER after the nurse looked at my throat because of how swollen it was, she was afraid of an abscess.  The ER nurse gave me a shot of steriods an rx for augmentin and a refrl to an ENT.  The augmentin did not give me any relief and I went back 3 days later and was given the ZPack which worked enough for me to feel better.  The ENT spent 5 min with me, barely looked at my throat and scheduled a tonsillectomy. He has me on augmentin 1000 2/day until my surg which will total 3wks.  I am a little hesitant, not one of the doctors I have seen has given me an answer that this will take care of everything and I have heard that it is a very painful surgery to go thru/time off work/I have small children...any advice or anything that might be missed here?
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