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swollen gland on left side of neck only

hello, i have a swollen lymph node on the left side of my neck, before it started i had this burning right at the bottom of the throat, it would come and go yesterday and now i have swollen gland on the left side of my neck and its right under my jawline it is a little hard, does anyone know what it could be ? and if it's serious ? or should i just wait a few days and see if the swelling goes down? and also is there any possible causes of it?
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I have soreness in the left side of my neck under my jaw line. I was just wondering what could be causing it. Thank you.
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I just felt a small swollen gland under the left side of my neck.  I went to see an ENT quickly, I was at work when this happen.  The doctor has told me I have submandibular gland Infection.  I am to take this medicine for two week to cause the swelling to go down, it not he's going to do a CAT scan.

Have the both of you gotten better, your message are dated back to 2007, this is 2009.
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wow I thought that I was the only one with this. same spot. I had a CT scan done and it showed up no findings!! The pain went away and now its back its kinds weird when I tell people they look at me as if something I'm telling lies. What should I do?
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just came home from ER my 3 year old had a lump size of golf ball under his jaw line left side, no fever, no pain they did a cat scan didn't find anything blood work came back fine, sent us home with anitbiotics and said to follow up with peditriction on monday  I kind of hate myself for putting him through IV's and Catscan he is only 3 but were worried because of the location and size didn't want to wait it out on antibiotics fear of the unknown or breathing issues, it is killing me what he went through today but glad nothing serious
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