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swollen glands

hi, i got a sore throat about 2 months ago, the doctor diagnosed tonsilitis, and put me on calvepen, this got rid of the fever symptons but my glands stayed swollen an my throat stayed red, when the fever came back a few weeks later i went back and he put me on augmenten, this had the same effect i went back last week and was put back on calvepen and he did a mono test which came back negative, but said my white blood cell count was high and it looked like i was at the tale end of a virus, somedays i feel fine and other days like today i feel wrecked an have no energy. one of my glands has either gone down or the other has swollen, i just wanna know what wrong with me, really fed up of being ill now
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Well, if he thinks this is the "tail end" of a virus, why would he keep ordering an ATB?
He is going back and forth with ATBs, etc.

I would ask for a referral to an ENT Specialist.  
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dont know why he keep putting me on them, is the fact that one of my glands may have gone down a good sign?
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Yes, it is definitely a good sign that one of the glands is resolving; going down.  

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