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swollen lymph nodes

My 4 year old has had about 3 swollen lymph node(right side of neck) since she was 6 months old.  She had her first ear infection plus a cold at that time.  I noticed the lymph nodes and doc said it was totally normal.  Now she is 4 and still the same lymph nodes swollen.  She has had several episodes of unexplained fever, doc tells me is just a virus. Sometimes she does have bacterial infections and has antibiotic treatment but the lymph nodes never go down.  She has had blood work done but come back "normal." Never have had a biopsy done.  The node is about just 1 cm in size. Should there be further evaluation?
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HI lolais01  Maybe you could get your daughter to see an immunologist specialist about the lymp nodes or you could also see an ent specialist and ask for them to do an endiscopic look up her nasal canal to see if her adnenoids are abnormally enlarged as I have had similar problems and I also have had to have a catscan with contrast to have the lymph nodes measured accurateley and to also see the sinus area. Mine showed up that these were abnormally enlarged and I am now having my adenoids removed on the 21st so that they can biopsy them to determine exactly what is going on. Maybe get onto one of these specialists and in my opinion keep at them as they can be wrong sometimes especially if you are dealing with a rare or serious situation. If it is something more serious the quicker you get onto this the quicker your daughter can go back to being a happy healthy little girl.
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Hi there,I have read you were having abnormal adenoid tissue biopsy- what were your results? have you had any other symptoms, or other problems which to you may have been unrelated?
i ask for a reason-- for 2 yrs i have----
experienced burning and tingling sensations in arms.
decreased power in arms, especially hands
uncontrolled sweating ( ie spontaneous for no reason)
severe headaches- even morphine wont help
arms feel like they have exercised for hours, even though i haven't
abnormal adenoid tissue--only discovered by ent specialist
for several months 4cms diameter submandibular gland/node swollen
enlarged nodes in armpit, chest abdomen- revealed after ct scan
right eye hurting, and more susceptible to light than left eye.
weight loss.
severe fatigue and breathlessness for no reason.

love to hear from you.
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