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throat itching with feeling closure in inner part of ears, headache, wet eyes
i had strep throat 3 weeks back and had a antibiotic with clarithomicin..

(clarixin 500)and the red color inside my throat has been gone .
the pain and coughing is not there now. but i feel little depressed every time . that i still feeling something in my throat which sometimes itch and little pain in the inner part of the tongue where it is connected to ears and nose

i have severe headache and sometimes running nose with wet eyes also.
now my ears are feeling something wrong.. like i can hear anything, but from inner part from throat to the ears is seems like a closure or something disorder.

can anyone help me out for this..

i can see my circumvallate papillae are rounded red coloured ..
its there since 3 years.

thank you
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