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I work very long hours in a call centre and my neck hurts so much.  I wonder if I have permanent damage to my vocal cord.  My neck feels like I have lump to swallow & I can't physically talk any more & it hurts a lot.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

From the symptoms you have given me, the most probable cause for your cervical pain could be cervical spondylosis or cervical muscle strain due to your working conditions.

If it is cervical spondylosis, relief can be got by wearing a cervical collar while working and while traveling. The emphasis here is to not bend your neck. Avoid pillows while sleeping. There are exercises, but it will be difficult for me to explain here. Initially anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxant drugs will help.

If it is due to cervical strain that movement of the neck in every direction whenever possible may give you relief. You can adjust the height of your chair or slant your computer, so that you need not have to strain while working.

It would be advisable if you can meet a doctor and rule out spondylosis, because severe neck exercises are contradicted here. In the meantime how about some brisk walking to relive your stress and tension.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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