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tonsil stones

I would like to know what cause tonsil stones, other than poor dental hygiene.  Is it related to kidney failure.

thank you
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I wonder if acid reflux has anything to do with it.  Then again I didn't have acid reflux when I was in high school (the first time I discovered one of these nasty stink balls).  It seems to be a mystery, even to doctors that I have asked (most haven't a clue what I'm even talking about).
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I also have these nasty things... and bad reflux issues.  I had the stomach surgery in 2003 but have been getting the balls out of my tonsils when the reflux is acting up.  My ENT explained that they are food particles trapped in the tonsils that happen when the tonsils are not draining saliva and acids like they should.  The food gets impacted into the deep pits of the tonsild, which are like a sponge my doc explained.  The do not need antibiotics because it is not an infection.

Good luck-

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Thanks for the info - it makes sense.  Did they give you any advice on what you can do to keep them from filling up or getting rid of them?
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