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tornwaldts cyst

What is the course of treatment for a thornwaldts cyst?  It has been causing short periodic occipital pain in the past but gets worse and last longer every day. It feels like a burning sensation and nothing i do seems to make it go away. It last for hours at a time now, usually later in the day or during stressful times it seem more frequeent.  I'm really worried, all the info i read is so different and there is not much research anywhere, I am in Bristol, TN and am not sure if anyone here has heard of it. Another question I have,is it hereditary? thanks for your time
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I just had mine removed. Too soon to tell if it helped but I still have headaches. Surgery was done with a scope (like an endoscopy). There isn't much info about it and there are a lot of different opinions. Does your headache get worse with activity? Do you have any other pain/symptoms? I know all my problems started with an occipital headache... migrane intensity at times.


P.S. I don't think it is hereditary but it is uncommon and according to what I've read, rarely causes pain (I don't believe this).
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I have two small Tornwaldts cysts and was wandering if the surgery made a difference in your case? I’m having similar symptoms, Thank you!
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