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turbinate problem,please help me

Hello there, I have turbinate hypotrophy and a deviated septum actually they say it is a twisted septum. anyway the Ent recommended surgury to trim the turbinates and fix the deviated septum but what i dont understand is i had a deviated septum  i guess all my life and my turbinates didnt bother me until after i had an adenoidectomy ( i had infected adnoids and a horrible infection after the adenoidectomy) anyway 2 months after the adenoidectomy is when my turbinates started to inflame while i sleep. Ive really tried everything countless nose sprays, saline flushes,steroids,coolmist humidifier in the winter nothing works but I have been miserable with practically no sleep 3-4 hours a nite. The doctor says there is nothing to culture.Every now and then i will get greenish stuff from my nose but if its not there when i go to the doctor then there is nothing to culture. My actual question is:  do you think i still have an infection? Cause I have heard do not touch the turbinates but i cant live not sleeping or trying to breathe.P.S. I have been dealing with this problem since october 06. Please help! thank you for your time.
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