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voice issues

About a month ago I hit myself in the throat with a steering wheel. I had no trouble breathing and only very minimal pain swallowing, but I did have a lot of trouble talking. I went to the ER a few days later to be checked out and they just found very minimal redness on my vocal chords. I went back in 2 weeks to an ENT for a follow up and he found nothing and told me to wait 2 more weeks and see what happened. Well, I'm still having a lot of trouble talking and I'm trying to make another appointment with the ENT. Could I have hit my thyroid and could that be causing the hoarseness?

It hurts when if Ii talk a lot-- but that could be 5 minutes to 5 hours.

It hurts low in my throat--below voice box and my throat feels phlegmy. I cough a lot and it hurts. The coughing almost sounds/feels like asthma but it's not, it's coming from my throat, not my chest. My throat feels  weird when it hurts(or I start to loose my voice) in the lower part of my throat/neck area.

It's interfering with my work and my life now, but nothing seems to be wrong with my vocal chords. I did have a general physician feel my throat after I hit it and she said my thyroid and throat felt alright.
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