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water up my nose feeling when bending over

I recently had a cold for about two weeks.  Stuffy nose sore throat and cough.  I have been over the stuffy nose and cough but still get a sore throat at night which goes away in the morning.  For the last two weeks after the cold- every time I bend over I get the awful feeling of water up my nose which burns just like your swimming and get water up your nose.  Any help would be appreciated.  I cannot find any information on this.  Should go to the doctor but I feel perfectly fine otherwise.  Any ideas?
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I have exactly the same thing - help what is it?!
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Me too!! I just got over the Flu here in Indiana. A terrible one!! Lasted 2 weeks also which is unusual for me. I have been having the same problems...that is why I looked it up. I think we need comments by a nurse.
Miranda3528  : )
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This happened to me this morning...I  have acute pains in my face as well.I would really like to know what this is and what causes it!  
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Sounds like congestion. I had a nasty virus and when I bend over I have a heavy popping feeling in my nose. I had a CT scan and it showed my sinuses had congetion sitting in them.
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I have been expierencing the "water up my nose" feeling lately too - BUT you guys all seem to have one thing in common; a recent sinus infection! I've been lucky enough to be healthy in the last couple months - no colds, flus, fevers, etc. What else could cause this? I have noticed that I have been getting very short-lived, minor headaches though - could this be related?!
I have been experiencing thisgcna for the last couple of weeks. I have chronic sinus problems and my nose runs a lot. However, the last couple weeks I have been having this water up my nose feeling when I hold my head over or when I bend over. Also as I get out of the bed every morning. What is this???
Me to I have had it a while I wish I knew what us causing it.
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You may possibly have an infection of the sphenoid or frontal sinuses, not enough to cause congestion in your nose, but enough to mess with the nerve endings that cause that feeling, and to cause headaches.  I recommend going to an ENT first.  If it is an infection, and the medical treatment doesn't work, this will:

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I have the same symptom, but followed by extreme dizziness, weakness, and burning in my right collarbone area up  to the ear.  I do have issues with abnormal heart function, but it is still in diagnosis stage, except that I do have a large murmur and mild aortic stenosis.  So, I am thinking this may be associated with those issues. I put a call in to my nurse about this, but do not have a response, as yet. Will let you know when I do.
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I am also getting this feeling of sucking in water. It just started today and i also feel tired and weak. It seems to be worse when i bend over (the water in nose feeling). Wish i knew what it was. Doesnt feel right at all and has me a bit worried.
Mine is doing the same if you find out what is causing let me know please.
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Im curently haveing that same problem been sick almost 2 weeks and then today i blew my nose and then calghed not long after and then got that feeling on the right side of my head with dizzyneas.
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