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what is this in my throat? (pictures attached)

for the past 16 days I have had an extremely sore throat. it started off mild enough. dr put me on amoxil for 7 days. finished it up, by the time I finished it, my throat was worse. then i was prescribed biaxin xl for 10 days, today is day number 10 and the past 2 days i have felt like i'm swallowing razor blades (no exaggeration) when i swallow drink or eat, it's so painful. tylenol and naproxen are no longer working. dr ordered a throat culture only yesterday finally, but said it can take a week to come back. can anyone give me an idea of what's going on in my throat? Is there a chance i somehow picked up an STD without knowing it? I only kissed one girl in the past month and I am not sure of her overall health but am afraid to ask in case she's clean (dont want to set off alarm bells with her yet - just want do anything further till i find out) theres some sore looking things on one of my tonsils (left tonsil) and the right tonsil has what appears to be little crevices/open sores in the shape of horizontal lines.

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. i realize you can't give a definitive answer without a throat swab/culture but I'm just looking for "in my years of experience, this is what this "looks" like to me" sort of thing...

would help me to stop sitting here wondering to myself if i have something ranging from strep throat to oral herpes.
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sorry i was not able to find where to upload photos to this post so i uploaded them to my own server.

left tonsil: http://www.unproud.com/lefttonsil.JPG

right tonsil: http://www.unproud.com/righttonsil.JPG

roof of mouth (seemingly normalish?) http://www.unproud.com/roof.JPG
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i also took an iphone video and uploaded it as well in case anyone is able to have a look. im sorry that it filmed sideways not sure how to fix that. it also shows white patches on the inside of my cheeks towards the back that im a little concerned about too.

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i should also elaborate that I've been having extremely bad headache, fever and chills that come and go every few days, stiff neck and back muscles, and the occasional abdominal pain.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

I am unable to view the pictures. But its unlikely to be due to STDs. It could be white patches, which  are common in many throat  infections. The sore throat and tonsillitis which you had may have contributed to it. In response to the infection the body produces soft white debris which collects in the tiny indentations in the tonsils called crypts. Repeated salt water gargles will help. Mix one teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of warm water and gargle. Betadine mouthwashes will also help. And wait for your culture and sensitivity report to start on the specific antibiotic.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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thank you Paderla. i went to the ER last night because i could no longer wait for the culture (i live in canada, health care is terrible here. a throat culture that takes 24-48 hours in the U.S takes our industry 7-10 days to get back)

the dr said it definitely looks like tonsilitis my tonsils are covered in huge white spots on one side, the other side just has these nasty cut looking abcess type things. i went to the ER because the pain got so much that Tramacet, Naproxen, and a mouth gargling solution could no longer keep me from nearly crying when swallowing even just water. i started spitting into a cup because id rather do that then drink fluids or swallow salive.

finally on my almost 20th day of this ordeal i got a dr with a human soul at the ER department who did more than just tell me that i was not dying and to get out and follow up with the walk in clinic. he looked in, said "wow" and then ordered me something called Toradol (this made all my pain go away and i slept like a baby for 15 hours) and sent me home with some steroids called prednisone until the culture comes back, and he also got me hooked up with an ENT specialist to discuss my options going forward about my tonsils because i get strep 3-4 times a year.

just posting all this extra info so anyone else in the future reading my have an idea of what happened etc... i'll post later if it was bacterial or viral.
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the bacterial culture came back negative, the white stuff on my tonsils all went away. everything went back to normal for about 3 days then i got a sore in the back of my soft palate right above my uvula. started off small with a bright red ring around it and a very small white dot. over the course of the past 4 days it has continued to grow in size, i can tell it is an open wound of sorts because anytime i eat, drink, or swallow it still feels like burning / razor blades. i also have an identical type of sore on the very bottom tip of my uvula (the part facing downward toward my tongue) there are the only two sores that i can locate..... I'm afraid I may have contracted me some herpetic stomatitis which are the only photos i can match this sore up to on the internet.. aside from a canker sore. i sure hope it's a canker sore.. dr ordered a syphilis test, hsv1 hsv2 test, and a general viral antibody test to see if im having any type of viral immune response at all. will get those results back in 2-3 days just gave the blood today.. what I wouldn't give to swallow without pain!
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Sounds like something viral causing this.  

Have you been prescribed anything for the pain and/or you using an oral rinse?  You should be prescribed an oral rinse with lidocaine.  
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the doctor gave me naproxen and tramacet. im not using the tramacet because i dont want to get withdrawls later on so im stacking tylenol 500mg every 4 hours along with naproxen. i'll ask about the lidocaine stuff tomorrow when i go back to see them when they're (hopefully) going to have the viral tests they sent. did some kind of antigen test or something like that , to measure antibodies and also complete blood count, as well as a syphilis test and hsv1 / hsv2. if all those come back negative, he said he was going to send me to an infectious disease specialist and possibly for a biopsy for cancer.. everything on that list sounds pretty scary except the antigen test for possibly something like coxsackie virus. all the other options kind of suck.
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Well...keep us posted.
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