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A bone tumor pressing on my frontal sinus

Hi there,   I am 30 yrs old and have a 3.5 cm bone tumor that is next to my left frontal sinus.    Here are some cuts off my MRI for reference:   http://robsaysrelax.googlepages.com/home

I have had a constant pressure headache behind my forehead for nearly 4 years now...quite disabling because it never goes away.     It sort of feels like I have a soft ball sitting behind my forehead at all times,  but I also feel pressure down in the bridge of my nose.    

My neurosurgeons told me it's probably causing my symptoms but there has no race to operate for obvious reasons

I have also been seen by a very good ENT nasal surgeon who saw chronic inflammation in my nose and a deviated septum.     I have a constnatly blocked nose,  but very rarely do I have an actual sinus infection or runny nose.     If I blow air into my ears it makes the pressure in my head feel better for a second.       The ent seems to think if he fixed my septum and reduce the contact points it may head with my head pressure.

Now,  my questions...    Do you think the nasal surgery may help me,  or do you think the symptoms are probably from the tumor pressing down on my left sinus bone?     Do you think the pressure from the tumor is causing generalized turbinate disfunction   or chronic inflammation?     No actual inflammation was seen on my CT, just the tumor sitting there,  thankfully it's not growing though.      Do you have any ideas any at all please?  Thank you
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Nasal obstruction can be the result of more than one processes.  Obviously, anatomical issues such as a deviated nasal septum can contribute.  In addition, mucosal inflammation with boggy turbinates (such as from allergies) can also contribute to problems.  Whether the tumor is causing additional difficulty is tough to say.  If the tumor is causing a blockage of drainage from sinuses, there could be inflammation in the area that could contribute to obstruction.  Contact points in the nasal cavity is believed by some to cause headaches and pain.  Improvement in nasal obstruction can result with surgery; however,  there is no way to predict how much your headaches will improve.  Good luck.
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Did they find the tumor with the CT? Your symptoms match my symptoms but my CTs were clear. Now I am just left wondering what in the world is causing my headache and pressure and it *****. Good luck to you.
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Mitch, the first CT I had was "clear" as well.    I'm not sure what the deal is, but I firmly believe that many doctors and radiologists tend to ignore whatever isn't going to kill a patient, and for which the treatment would be risky business.    I had to make sure my CT had a bone window done...please...do your own investigation, get your films,  get an MRI done...most importantly don't give up--- There probably is an answer which is not being observed
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I agree I have worked in the medical field for over 7 years now and I see that type of situation all the time, if it cannot kill you then don't worry about it, is the attitude some doctors take. I found out that the ER doctor did not even do a sinus ct but two cts of my head with and without contrast even after I told them my symptoms of pressure above my eyes and down the bridge of my nose. I am glad they ruled out brain tumors but I am still in pain and they pretty much said "I do not know what is causing your headache and pressure, see a neurologist". I have sinus problems and if it is an infection it needs to be delt with or I could suffer even worse consequences. Thank you for your reply and good luck.
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Mitch, I'm pretty sure a head CT covers your sinuses for the most part anyway...but that doesn't mean there isn't an answer.    I hope you would LOOK at your films yourself, and compare them to other people's films which are known to be normal..
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