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Blocked ears for over two years now


I flew on a plane two years ago and on the decent on the return flight I was in so much pain that my ears bled and I have been unable to pop them since. I have been back from doctor to doctor and they have given me sinus rince to try, but my ears still havent popped.  I am due to go on holiday in 13 days and this will be my first flight since.  I am very worried about what will happen and how much pain this will cause seeing as they still havent popped. They dont hurt at all, its just the fact that they have never gone back to normal.  I have researched decongestants and antihistamines for the plane but I would like to know if you have any suggestions on what it could be. Also a couple of weeks ago I had sneezed a lot with hayfever and had dried blood in my ears the next day.  Also when I was using the sinus rince i would occasionaly find tiny bits of dried blood in my ears when i cleaned them.

Please help!
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A common problem to many is eustacian tube dysfunction.  The eustacian tube connects the middle ear to the back of the nose and is involved with pressure regulation.  If there is any inflammation or lesions in the area where these tubes open (from sinusitis, severe reflux, tumors, etc) people can have difficulty regulating the air pressure in the middle ear.  Despite your previous evaluations, if you are getting bleeding from your ear, you should be re-evaluated.  Your ears as well as the back of your nose should be visualized to better assess the underlying process involved.
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i would advise u to not go on another plane. im sorry, but it could cause some serious problems if ur ears are still bleeding. the flight could put too much pressure on ur ear drum. im not sure of this, but i wouldnt take any chances.  just keep praying that everything will turn out alright. God bless you!=)
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WOW we have a lot in common!
I am 15, but 2 years ago i got a real bad cold and then my ears blocked. I have been to countless specialists and doctors and can't find the cause of it. Like you, i have no pain, but it is really annoying.
I would be interested to hear how you are now? Did you go on your holiday? Are your ears better?
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Ive just got back from holiday and ears were fine on the plane, still not popped but didnt hurt. i was using a nasal spray and doing steam inhallation but i had no trouble flying, no pain what so ever. I have just brough the ear popper from america which only arrived two days ago so im going to see if that will help unblock my ears as i have read some brilliant reviews on it. I thought anything is worth a try now as its so frustrating! It does seem to be doing something already so i will keep you informed on my progress with that.
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glad your trip was pain free. i have similiar problem this year, but no bleeding. i would definately be going back to a doctor if i had bleeding. i also was given a 'new' rinse for the nose, but since the cost is only covered if they approve a special letter from the doctor, i am waiting for that approval as it costs around $60.per month. i have never heard of an 'ear popper' but will look online. hope it works for you, but personally, i would at least ask a pharmacist, or doctor since the ears are such an important part. good luck.
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