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Chronic Congestion in Nose, Throat, Ears


I would be very grateful for your advice.

For over a year.
~  Constant congestion in nose, ears, and throat.  
~ The mucous is typically clear.  
~ There is not that much discharge from my nose, more if it goes to my throat and ears.
~ Constant throat clearing and cough (some of the mucous goes down more)
~ Problem worse when lying down (keeps me awake most nights)
~ More blockage in right nostril (cannot breath through this one)
~ Constant dizziness
~ feeling of excess saliva in mouth and being unable to clear the saliva (not sure if too much saliva or I can't swallow it)
~ Shortness of breath
~ Fatigue
~ Air conditioning triggers more severe congestion

Test results:
~ moderate deviated septum to the left (strange since the worst blockage is in my right nostril)
~ moderate allergy to outdoor molds
~ CT scan of sinuses do not show infection
~ ENT scope of nose with no observation other than inflamed and deviated septum
~ ENT visual of throat says unlikely to be GERD (but I am taking Prilosec anyway for four months to see if that will help)

Current Treatment:
~ Nasocort daily for six months
~ Nasal saline wash/twice day
~ Oral decongestant
~ Mucinex
None of these help very much

Other medications:
I take 10mg daily of Adderall for ADHD

1.  Could any viral infection cause symtoms for this long (e.g. EBV, HHV-6)?  Any other underlying diseases that I should look at?  

2.  Any other diagnostic procedures I should have done?

3.  Would an oral steroid potentially help me?

4.  The ENT said this is probable Vasomotor Rhinitus.  I have tried Astelin for three months and it did not help.  Anything else to try?

5.  Is there anything you recommend to help deal with the excess saliva in my mouth?  

6.  Is it possible that a moderate deviated septum could cause such severe symptoms?  It seems unlikely from the people I have spoken to.

Thank you!
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Although viral infections can lead to prolonged symptoms, problems for over a year seems less likely.  Continue to work with your physicians to find a regimen that controls your symptoms the best.  Controlling your home environment and limiting allergens can also be useful.  
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We, as patients, start looking online for hope of solving problems to our dilemma.  I know I do and I know a lot of others do as well.

We come to you (online help and research) so we can tell our Health Insurance physicians and specialist our problems.  They give us the same medications sometime others and the same testing as they want to do it for themselves, not sure why when we bring them the results of the same test. At the end we get the same results, I did all I can, what else do you want me to do as the physician always say.    How do we, the patient, know.  We’re not doctors, what are we suppose to say.  

So we all look online for yet advice and each and every time I see the answer to say check with our ENT or physician.  We do, over and over.

I’ve seen 6 years of ENTs, Allergist, Pulmonary specialist, etc for a chronic cough from post nasal drip from 3 different health insurances making it about probably 100 doctors from UCLA, St. Johns and Cedar Sinai and nothing.  

Test from 2- 48 hr. Bravo pH testing, numerous allergy testing, numerous x-rays, CT Scans, not to mention the Asthma testing I hate that actually makes my breathing worse and more shallow.  Now what.  

We need specifics, recommendations, direction, options, something where we can tell our physician who apparently is educated to a certain level and turns you away instead of working with you to solve and not mask the problem.
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I have read a few forums with people having this problem as I have started having similar symptoms. I am so very amazed that non of the ENT doctors have a solution or have answered to this problem satisfactory. I have been asked to get a nose scan done and it is hard to believe that I might have to go through so many tests but there will be no solution.
Can we get any solutions from the qualified doctors for this please. It is a request.
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Apart from dizziness, I have more or less the same symptoms as Marc61. Went to my PCP. Diagnosed post nasal drip & allergy. Prescribed oral Prednisone, antibiotics & cough syrup. After three wks, the cough got worse plus losing my voice. Prescribed Pred again with increased dosage, allergy tablets, some mucus clearing tablets & another cough syrup. Three wks after that, the cough did not subside. Changed allergy tablets, another antibiotics (Clarythomycin) & another round of Pred. Finally after two months, my cough & nose congestion showed improvement. Even though am still coughing slightly & clearing throat & phlegm now & then, am no longer on medication. Never see any specialists. Sometimes we just need to stick with one doctor whom we trust & comfortable with & work with them. Easier said than done, but works for me.
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