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Constant dizziness and vertigo

Is this labyrinthitis or BBPV? oR what
Hi there I am new to these boards and just wondered what this is

So the story goes, approx 3 months ago while at work I was talking to someone and i felt that i was going to start a spin although it only lasted 3-4 seconds I was scared and put it down to a cold I had the preceding week. Then at the weekend I felt sick all saturday but fine then up to tuesday morning. I was driving to work and I stopped at a junction, then it happened, I spun to the left and it would n't stop it lasted approx 20-25 seconds until I managed to get my vision to stabilise (I ask myself why did it wait until I had stopped driving)
I continued my journey and went to work. From that day, and it has been 14 weeks since, I have felt a constant dizziness and drunkness that just won't go away. At first with other symptoms such as sleeping 10 hours a day when I usually sleep for 5, nausea on and off.

What could it be and how do i get rid of it?

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Viral Labyrinthitis is certainly a possibility but the best way to determine the etiology is to undergo an examination by an otolaryngologist who can test you for BPV. This is accomplished through a simple positional test. BPV can often be cured with positional therapy- Viral labyrinthitis can be managed with steroids and often will resolve over time.  
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