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Could This be a hearing disorder

I am 26y/o no history of hearing problems or ear problems my problem is when I am speaking I hear myself loud and clear but others cant hear or understand me they ask me to repeat myself sometimes I might be talking and they don't even know that I am talking and might walk away or not respond I used to think I was being ignored or it was something wrong with them. My mom says I sound like I am mumbling and it is hard to understand what I am saying even when I fill like I am yelling what could this be could I have a hearing or communication disorder sometimes I do have to ask people to repeat themselves but not because I couldn't hear, I didn't understand what they said the first time and I have to hear it a second time to understand. I get in alot of arguments with people because I know I told them something and they swear I didn't and important things don't get done this is a real issue. could this be my hearing or a brain disorder?
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Your issue does not seem to be completely related to hearing.  A first step would be to rule out hearing dysfunction with a hearing test.  After which, a discussion with a physician as well as an exam to check on various nerve function would be appropriate.  Somethimes our inability to comprehend or create speech is due to anatomical or neurological impairment.  However, in your case, starting with a hearing test and a physician exam would be the best recommendation.  Good luck.
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Is your voice soft, sometimes people are not listening. Is it when you are on the phone this could be a contributor? Look at the person talking to you or when you are talking to them make sure you have their full attention. Have your mom's ears checked sometimes it could be the other person not you. Have your sinuses checked if you are having sinus pressure it can cause difficulty hearing. It is easy for people to tell you they didnt hear that so when it is not done they can tell you they didnt get that message, so the fault is going to be back on you. Write down what you told them, date and time do follow ups that way you can put your mind at easy.

                                                           Good luck

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