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Detached / torn sinus mucosa?

I am currently recovering from a head and chest cold, which is nothing to be alarmed about...but after a few forceful sneezes (which hurt), and forcefully blowing my nose several times, I believe I may have detached part of my sinuses in my left nasal cavity.

It's rather apparent, as this morning I blew my nose with a good deal of blood in the thick mucus (which I usually have in the stages of recovery).  I took the time to do a nasal lavage (my first) with a saline solution - washing out the remains of blood clots.

Once clean, I looked up my nose with a light, and with some breath what felt like a flap move inside my nose, which eventually moved far enough to block air exiting my left nostril, and to be easily seen in it's soft pinkish glory.

With a bit of inward breath, I sucked the flap back, and then my nasal passage felt clear.  It doesn't move easily, it has to be forced.

Any sensation I get from inside my nose is a slight discomfort, not actual pain.

My questions are:

Is there a name for this condition?  How serious is it?
What kind of doctor do I need to see?
What kind of treatment can I do myself?  Short of duct tape and J.B. Weld on a q-tip...
Can the membrane re-attach if left in place?
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There can definitely be irritation and damage to the nasal lining (nasal mucosa) from frequent sneezing and nose blowing.  A shearing or a tear of the mucosa off the bone or cartilage would take a lot of pressure.  Getting a good view in the nose can sometimes be difficult to fully assess for this problem without having the proper equipment.  An otolaryngologist (ent) could help evaluate you.  If there is a tear of the mucosa, keeping the nasal lining in position so it may heal would be the easiest course of action. Having the mucosa reattach in an incorrect position can lead to scarring and obstruction.   Keeping the area clean and avoiding nose blowing would be helpful for healing.  If you are concerned about a tear, get evaluated by an ent.  Best wishes.  
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