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Doctor say's labryinthitis, but could it be meiniere's?

Tuesday night I was taken to the hospital via EMS due to a violent case of vertigo, nausea, and rapid heart rate. These attacks happened in waves and lasted around an hour or so. I was discharged from the ER that night.

It’s been two days and I still have a generally disoriented feeling along with very mild fatigue. I went to see my primary care physician and a neurologist who diagnosed me with Labyrinthitis. When I saw the doctor I had no hearing loss, or tinnitus. I explained that I do not remember any ringing but wasn’t sure. He mentioned that if I had tinnitus, due to Meniere’s, I’d remember it, because it's pronounced. The attack came in waves and inbetween them I was able to seek advice from my mom (a nurse) on the phone, as well as talk to a professor, security, EMS, and the ER staff. I remember hearing them fine and being responsive enough to answer questions. The doctor said this was evidence it was Labyrinthitis and not Meniere’s. He checked my ears and eyes, saying they looked perfect.
My questions are: 1) Does his diagnosis sound like Labyrinthitis, and not Meneire’s? 2) I have to fly to California (from NYC) in a week-the doctor said it will not be an issue. Does this seem correct? 3) Last night I started getting a strange feeling in my left ear. Almost like a mild form of when you're in an airplane & the ear needs to "pop." Maybe a fullness. When I woke up the next morning It felt as though there was an odd pulsation going on in my ears. However, the sound is not pronounced at all. I can only hear it if the room is ultra quiet. Once the tv, radio, or background noise is present the feeling is gone. Sometimes I think I cannot even hear it anymore, like I forget about it. Would this be tinnitus or is it an actual ringing like a bell? I am so paranoid over meneire's, I might be amplifying normal noise. This is all coming about 2.5 days after my attack. Would these symptoms and earache occur after the attack or mostly preceding and during one?

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Dear UrbanMP82 ,

Thank you for your query.

Meniere's disease is diagnosed on the following criteria:
a. Vertigo
b. Fluctuating hearing loss
c. Tinnitus
d. Fullness in the ear

There is usually nausea and vomiting, the hearing usually worsens during an attack and the tinnitus also worsens. Earache is not a usual symptom.

Labyrinthitis involves both the cochlea and the vestibular labyrinth and is associated with hearing loss. Since you do not have hearing loss, your diagnosis cannot be labyrinthitis. To me it appears that your symptoms may be caused by vestibular neuritis, a condition affecting the vestibular nerve but not the labyrinth.

However,  I would recommend a few tests to make the diagnosis clearer. You should get a PTA (Pure Tone Audiogram) to document any hearing loss. Meniere's disease usually causes low frequency hearing loss initially (Audiogram sloping to left). A Tympanogram done to check middle ear pressures would also help with the diagnosis.  A normal tympanogram would also mean that flying is not a problem.

The symptoms of Meniere's preceed the vertigo. Hence symptoms that you experience after the attack do not indicate Meniere’s.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Sumit Bhatti
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The last sentence should read, "Would these symptoms and earache occur after the attack or mostly preceding and during one-if it were meniere's?"
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Could this ear pressure be due to my sinuses? I've heard even the Labyrinthitis could be sinus induced.
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hi urban

just i want to know doctors usually after how many days they will answer?because i asked a question in this form but nobody answered me??

thank you for your help
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I have wondered the same, as looking at the posts the last doctor one was 31st March. I just paid $20 for a question but didn't check the forums first, so am now unsure if it will be answered. Hopefully the 2 doctors are just on vacation, or only answer fortnightly, not sure, but lets hope.  
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yes you are right,i posted the same question in free community and one volunteer doctor answered me for free,but here even i paid money nobody answered,i asked the admin of website he said ,usually doctor answering in 10 days,but 10 days passed and still no answer,and now even the admin not answering.

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