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Pain Swallowing

I am having extreme difficulty swallowing. Today is Wednesday morning and my third day with these symptoms.  I feel slightly feverish, tired, head achy and body achy.  I have swollen glands in my neck and throat.  I am producing a lot of saliva but I spit it out because it hurts to swallow.  I am also coughing up mucous.  The pain is located lower in the back of my throat, in my neck area.  It looks red and splotchy.
This is my third week of throat related illness.  The first week I lost my voice but had no other symptoms.  Last week I had a terrible cough and was coughing up solid, green phlegm.  And now this week I have the symptoms above.  What is going on with me???  What can I do to get better?  I have no health insurance and so a doctor is out of the question.
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Your symptoms are concerning for an infection involving your respiratory system.  My concern is that you may need medical treatment with antibiotics.  You really should be evaluated by a physician.  There are free clinics in many cities as well as certain county or city hospitals that may be able to help you.  Take care.  

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