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Swollen Right Parotid

I have had two episodes of a right swollen Parotid.

1st time
April 22 went away completly May 9 - Slight cold - no fever - Gland was warm to the touch - no treatment - went away - no dry mouth

2nd time Feb 7 2012 until now, went down a little - Slight cold - no fever - Gland is not hot but this time my mouth is dry - Sometimes a foul taste - sometimes bad breath - Have not yet seen a doctor

My Stats - Healthy
BMI 32.5
Last Physical December 2010
Last HIV test - April 2011
occasional smoker - less the half a pack a month
Drink allot of pepsi - High Caffine intake
Do drink so much water
Floss and use a pretty hard mouth wash
No Dental trauma except some irriatation around a crown
Four dental Jackets installed in August 11
No fever in two years
I get head acne

Current medications
I use a topical for head acne called betnovate
I use another topical for head acne, its starts with an M but is a cortisteriod or something

My amatuer evaluation of Gland:  Fatter at the bottom maybe 1 1/4 times the size of the left at the bottom.  Towards the top, only slightly swollen, You can notice it but not bad.  The bottom or tail of the gland, the part that goes past the angle of my Jaw, that where the swellin is.

Question:  Should I go see a doc now or wait for 8 more days?  Last time all cleared in 16 days.  No real pain, just swelling.  What do you think it is?

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Dear quickquestion77,

Thanks for posting your query.

You seem to be suffering from a condition of the parotid gland called as chronic parotitis.

Chronic parotitis is an inflammatory disorder of the parotid gland which is characterized by recurrent and painful swelling of the affected salivary gland with dry mouth. Pain may worsen while eating due to the increased stimulation of the salivary gland to produce saliva.

There are various reasons for this condition to happen and basically, there is alteration in the production and dispensing of the saliva. The salivary secretions can be blocked due to an increased viscosity of the secretions, a stone in the duct or narrowing of the duct preventing the flow of the salivary secretions. Due to this, there is increased accumulation of the secretions in the salivary gland, more so during eating and thus there is swelling of the gland and pain.

I would suggest you to visit an ENT specialist at the earliest for a complete evaluation including ultrasound scanning of the gland and sialendoscopy (if required). Continue drinking plenty of water, you can take sialogogues (the substance that increases the flow rate of saliva) such as chewing gum, orange, lemon, tamarind, etc. Avoid hard mouth washes and smoking completely.

Hope I have answered your query.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Naveen Kumar
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