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how long is recovery.....

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, Sep 19, 2008 03:55PM
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I had bacterial pnuemonia last spring. It took forever for my dr to find this , with a blood test. So I had had it for awhile! Got better, summer came, and then pressure began to build in my ear. On and off the pressure was building. went to dr before I went on vacation- said it was allergies and to use alot of Sudafed along with Zyrtex. Came back from vacation , made another appt, same doc said hummm, allergies...if it's not better in a week go to a specialist. Which NOW would have been alot sooner! He put me on 2 weeks of tetrac. I went back and after a cat scan, he scheduled me for surgery a few days later. It was a b**** but got through it. 11 days from work and I returned  (with what I thought) was a clean bill of health. Is this enough recovery time? I teach, so I feel the need to get back. Dr said to take it easy...how long should I take it easy? Can I squat slowly and be ok? I feel I was not informed enough of the procedure. Thanks for any help. oh and I am 53. :)
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Your recovery time is dependent on the type and extent of surgery you had.  Your surgeon would have the most information regarding when it is best to return to work.  If you feel you have unanswered questions, by all means, discuss your questions with your surgeon.  I am sure s/he would want you to be informed and comfortable with the process.  In general, avoid driving/operating machinery/etc if still on narcotic pain medications or if experiencing weakness or dizziness.  Heavy lifting should be avoided until cleared by your physician as should returning to work.  Good luck.  
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