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small hard lump in throat

I am a 34 year old female, suffering from severe fatigue, muscle weakness and various symptoms for several years, diagnosed with fibromyalgia and then Lyme (no positive Lyme test).  Today I noticed I have what feels like a fixed, hard lump on the left side of my thyroid (I think it's my thyroid anyway--in the center of my throat).It's not visible through the skin or anything but if I use my thumb and forefinger to press on the area where the thyroid is I feel it there.  Could this be a swollen gland possibly?  It's not near my jawline (although the glands up there do feel swollen also and have for about four years straight).  It's almost exactly in the middle of the front of neck to the left side.  Are there lymph nodes near the middle of the throat or near the thyroid also?  

Thyroid issues run in my family but my TSH levels were tested when I first started complaining of fatigue, weakness, etc and I was it was perfectly fine.  My neck often feels thick, but other than that I never notice any pain or anything.  When I press down hard on this thing it does not hurt.  It just feels like something hard is stuck there.  

I will have this checked out but I want to make sure what I'm feeling is not something normal.  What should a healthy, normal thyroid feel like?  

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Palpation of the thyroid can be difficult--even for physicians.  The thyroid should feel smooth.  It should not be overly firm. There are lymph nodes scattered throughout the neck that can be felt if enlarged.  The important point is that anytime you feel something different or potentially abnormal in your neck, you should be evaluated.  I am glad you will be visiting your physician.  Best wishes.
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Thank you for your response!  I've never really tried to feel my thyroid before, but it feels awfully lumpy.  I'll bring this up at my next dr appt.  
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