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Am I doing the right thing?

I returned from Colorado in Jan and since them I have had a bad ear infection. I went 5 times to my primary physican and now twice to my ENT specialist. I don't like them very much because they just give you drugs and be on you way and spent money. The ENT diagnosed me with ETD and tinnitus after a scope procedure was done which I was able to see like bubbling in my ear. It almost looked like a volcano ready to erupt. She said I have TMJ and told me to use a night guard so that I whould not bit down.She gave me claritine and nexium because she said I have lots of acid and my throat was red and irritated? Also,she told me to not each choc,fried foods,and many more.
Does that make sense???
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Hi Bruce,

The biggest problem here seems to be that you had a bad experience with your doctor.  It is not uncommon to have to get a couple of other opinions before you find someone who will be helpful to you and work through your symptoms.  Sometimes when physicians are busy, it is best to schedule a followup visit to discuss more of your concerns.  

All of the things you describe sound like findings that an ENT might see.  It sounds like you had several issues and they were trying to address all of them.  For the symptoms which are still persistent, seek help until you find a solution.

Hope this helps.  Good luck!

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Sounds like you had the same type of ENT visit that I had.  I was rushed out, handed a bag of useless meds and told to lay off the bon-bons.

By your description you do have something going on and you are at the right place for support.  I hope you figure it out soon.
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