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Bumps Behind Ear

Hi there,

About 5 years ago my husband noticed a hard bump (non movable) right behind my right ear, in the bony area. Thought nothing of it but would mention it to the ENT. He walked away muttering, questioning mastoiditis.
These last few years, I have developed another firm, non movable lump just under it but oddly, it seems to reduce in size a little. They are near perfectly round. They do not hurt and no discoloration of the skin.
Occasionally my ear aches just a little on that side. The reason I now question it, is:
1) occasionally I have tongue discomfort on the right side and underneath it
2) occasionally my thyroid is tender on that very same side. I do have elevated TgAbs (thyroid) but am not on treatment due to doctors thinking a TSH value of 3.70 doesn't warrant treatment. (Others would disagree but I am not their patient.)
I'm wondering if these things are associated but if not, what these lumps could be? I googled this and it seems relatively common.

Thank you for your time,
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Hi Kate,

These may be postauricular lymph nodes.  If they don't resolve, see another ENT for a second opinion.  You may need a course of antibiotics or a biopsy.

Hope this helps.  Good luck!
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