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Ear pain

I have this pain/tenderness inside my right ear. I've had it for about a week. For the most part, it doesn’t hurt on its own, but when I place my finger on my ear lobe or against the lower back portion of my ear, it’s very painful. It's  also painful when I put in the earphones from my I Pod. I don't remember injuring it in any way.

Any thougths about what this is and what I might do for it, if anything.

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Ear pain may be from the ear itself (ear infection behind or outside the eardrum), jaw joint pain, referred pain from the throat.  Tenderness on the earlobe or back part of the ear suggests an outer ear infection.  Likewise the ipod earbud problem suggests an outer ear infection.  These can occur from local trauma along with bacterial superinfection.

See your physician for a proper diagnosis and treatment.  

Hope this helps.  Good luck!

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individual case.
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