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A long-lasting swollen lymph node behind my ear

I had recurrent otitis media (middle ear infection) when I was 6-8 years old. The infection probably repeated itself for several times later but was not as serious as before. Around 12, a swollen lymph node was found behind my right ear, right above the mastoid process. The swollen lymph node has existed since then and I am 27 now. The size of the lymph node varied (getting smaller) in the first several years but became stable later. Now it is about half an inch long and a third of inch wide.

From some websites, I know that swollen lymph nodes are commonly caused by ear infection. However, many documents also say the swollen lymph nodes should disappear soon after the infection disappears. In my case, the thing has existed for more than 15 years. Although it doesn't cause pain or anything right now, I am wondering if this is normal.

Thanks very much for your advice.
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My son found one behind his right ear I took him to the doctors he is been asked to get a ultra sounds can to check it out cos if it is cyst they said they will take it out so it does not cause any infection
Anyway going to get it on tuesday, he had a coule of ear infections when he was little,
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After that many years I think you are alright. I have had one in neck for 12 days and am freaking bad. BAD! But your story gives me hope!!
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