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Anyone else have tinnitus in both ears since birth?

I’ve had a minor ringing in my ears during dead silence as long as I can remember. Even as a kid I remember it. I’ve had hearing tests and my hearing is well within normal range-good even. A follow up a few years later shows my hearing basically the same (one frequency pitch my hearing wasn’t quite as good as last time but close enough they said it’s fine) it’s in both ears and my ENT and audiologist have said some people are just born with tinnitus without any hearing loss or ear damage. They said it isn’t ever terribly uncommon so I guess-anyone else have something similar? Again it’s really not bad and I hardly notice it unless it’s silent. Sometimes headaches will make it louder though.
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Tinnitus is really annoying. I read on another thread about this thing they can do that helps desensitize you to it.  They do kind  of an exposure type of therapy where they play a similar noise and it makes you less aware.  It's called sound therapy or retraining therapy.  You have to wear something in our ear though.  Also, I know we've talked about anxiety before as well.  Anxiolytic medication also is given as anxiety is often involved, I'm sorry to say.  Sigh, anxiety makes life complicated, doesn't it? https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/tinnitus/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20350162 This article has some different things in it regarding therapy.  
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I’m not asking for a solution I’m used to it. Honesty to Goodness I’ve had this since I was a toddler I’m just wondering if anyone else has.
Oh, no.  I have had it in relation to other conditions along with them.  And when the other conditions get treated, tinnitus goes away as well.
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