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Banging in ear while urinating / peeing

I know that this may sound completely fake and not true, but for about the past month whenver i go pee, I hear a bumping sound in my right ear. It just randomly came one day and hasn't gone away, For the first week i truley believed that it was either the air conditioner or someone downstairs banging on the walls making the noise, until i heard it in other bathrooms. I have no clue what it is and it randomly started happening one night. I was also born deaf, but later gained hearing in only my right ear.
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Could be some sort of Pressure Go to the Doc get your ears checked out.
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I would ask a neurologist about this. Might be some sort of "crossed wires" in your nervous system.

I totally believe you, because I've had many bizarre "crossed wires" experiences, with something in one part of my body causing something weird elsewhere. For example, during some periods, at the height of a bowel movement, I would get an electric shock in my ribcage or hip.

When I press on the top of my left big toe, I get a sharp electric shock in my left elbow and left hand.

The nervous system is very odd and subject to strange cross-talk. I have never gotten an explanation for my symptoms.

Nancy T.
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