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CT Results Question

Female, 30yrs, 185lbs, 5'4. No history of drug use, 3 years tobacco free, 4 years alcohol free.

Patient has been experiencing localized pressure/pain in the right side of neck/throat and head. Lymph nodes are some what enlarged, there is a palpable mass in the back of neck where the spine meets the base of head. Onset color change in gums, and a soft fleshy like lesion has appeared near tonsil on the right side and is continuing to grow. Also has rapid changes happening to their voice along with 17lbs of unexplained weight loss over a 2 month time span.

CT results read as - "The base of tongue has a heterogeneous asymmetrical nodular lymphoid enhancement with what appears to be asymmetric lymphoid hyperplasia of the right base of tongue. -- Furthermore, there is an associated heterogeneously enhanced asymmetrical nodular deformity to the right anterolateral pharyngeal-lingual junction. This modestly effaced the right retropharyngeal space compared to the lateral side"

ENT rushed through the appt, didn't look around the mouth, one quick glance in to the throat and insisted it is allergies, wouldn't let the patient get a word out without interrupting and again saying "no. It's allergies"  

Patient does not believe it is allergies, they have taken allergy meds, Flonase and benadryl and have seen no change in the consistent symptoms they are experiencing.

One would think, a primary care would be able to notice allergies in their patient right? So then why is the PCP nervous about the patient having tumors and cancer?   -_-

Can anyone shed some light on this situation?  and help the patient better understand what this CT is and isn't saying?
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