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Can tonsils grow back?

I'm Ray and I'm 14. When I was 10 I had my tonsils removed because I had 17 cases of strep throat in a year. They said I wouldn't get strep anymore because my tonsils would be gone, but I still get it like 6 times a year. I really can't deal with it anymore. I sing, I'm in a band. Right now, I've got a fever and its 102 degrees. My throat is all red and swollen and it hurts really bad. There's white spots in the back, and some red spots too. Here's where I start to wonder: Can tonsils grow back? I've been sick so much lately, are my tonsils there again? It's so swollen that it looks like I still have them. I can't even see that little hanging thing in the back of my throat. My sister just told me that it was a partial tonsillectomy if that means anything. I'm not going to a doctor, they haven't done anything to help before. If you guys know then please help me. My throat's never hurt this bad before, I just want it to stop.
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I am 24 and had my tonsils out six months ago due to two years of chronic sore throats. I saw an otologist for chronic ear pain who looked in my throat and noticed I still have some of my tonsils. Given that I saw several ENT's for various issues after the surgery, the otologist was the first to notice my tonsils being present. Tomorrow I'm seeing my regular ENT, who did the surgery, to see what I should do about the issue. Now that I'm aware, my throat hurts the same way it did before I had surgery.
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Hard to say what is really going on here.  Yes, if you had a "partial tonsillectomy", then the problem could persist/there could be some tissue "regrowth".  Even so, there are people who still get sore throats/infections even after tonsillectomy..
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