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Chronic Discomfort in Throat

About a year ago, I began to feel alot of discomfort in my throat and it won’t go away. I always have this feeling of tightness in my throat and it makes breathing very uncomfortable for me; it also makes speech difficult . Also, it makes my thoughts all clouded, especially in social situations. It’s very frustrating. I’m also constantly tired. I have no idea what it is and I really hope I find an answer because it’s just making life really difficult.

So I guess my symptoms are:

-Discomfort in throat
-Difficulty breathing
-Trouble with my voice
-Trouble concentrating, thoughts seem clouded
-Trouble swallowing (every time I swallow I feel like I have to cough after)

I was on minocycline for the last year and I thinking that it might be the problem, I stopped taking the pills. But I haven't had any improvement and I've been off them for like two and a half week now (and it would be out of my system by now). I have also used protopic cream for excema for about four years now. I've just recently stopped applying it (for about 2 and a half weeks also), to see if my problem could be fixed, but I haven't had any improvement.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you.
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Thanks duck64. I will be sure to ask about that.
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Ask about vocal cord dysfunction too. A methacoline challenge and pulmonary function test are good tests to ask your doctor. I have found that a pulmonologist is the best place to start.

Good Luck!
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Thanks Kitcurious. I'll definitely ask the doctor about that.
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Go back to your doctor and get a TSH test. This is for thyroid hormone, you may have thyroid problems. Also get tested for acid reflux as this can irritate the throat and cause dysphagia ( trouble swallowing).
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