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Clogged ears, Ear pain, Sensitive to noises after loud noise exposure

I was exposed to loud vehicle exhaust for about 2 hours. During this time I got sudden ear pain, and have been sensitive to noise since this happened a few weeks ago. My ears have felt plugged since this happened also. It feels like I can't make my ears pop or open now. It sometimes helps when I'm driving in a car going over a mountain and I can pop my ears, but after a few mins my ears feel plugged again.  I made a appointment for a doctor but its a long wait.... Is this Eustachian tube dysfunction from a loud noise? I'm concerned my hearing is lost.
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Sounds uncomfortable.  One thing you can try is to do reverse ear pops..  My ENT taught me how and to do it, you hold your nose and gently blow and your ears will pop.  I do it a few times when I feel that clogged, full feeling or muffled hearing as I am prone to Eustachian tube dysfunction.  I am to sure what the origin of  your issue is though.  Do you have any issue of wax buildup?  That also can cause that same type of thing.  Debrox bought at the drug store removes wax from ears.  So, give those two things a try and if it continues, see your doctor.  
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I've tried that holding nose and blowing but it dont work also swallowing and chewing gum. The only thing that pops my ears is driving up or through mountains my ears will pop and feel better for a few mins, but then they go back to feeling plugged again
That's really unusual that it doesn't work.  Even when my Eustachian tube is scrunched together (my inner ear canal which is my issue), I can still pop my ears with the reverse pop.  I think you are going to have to go ahead and go to the doctor. The other thing you can try is the debox product to remove wax build up to make sure that isn't the issue.  A friend of mine's son went to the doctor for ear fullness and decreased hearing and the issue was wax.  So, try that.  If it doesn't work, then you have to go to the doctor.  But honestly, I've never heard of the reverse ear popping not being able to pop ears.  Here's some other things to try https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321148.php   There are several other methods for popping ears.  

By the way, have you tried taking an antihistamine?  That can sometimes help.  
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