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Couple of weeks ago, I was continuously blowing my nose and there was drainage. On Feb 1, 2020 I performed oral sex on a guy that I've been sleeping with for over 6 years now. Yet on Feb.3, 2020 I started to feel an ache with my right tonsil and now today this is how it looks (hopefully the image will show). I was wondering if it's Strep, Tonsillitis, or sinuses. There has been no coughing, no fever, no tiredness, just a sore throat when I swallow (I did rub a Q-tip to remove the yellow phlegm from it, but that made it bleed) so I left it alone.
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It's something you should go have diagnosed and treated by a physician, or it could become chronic.  If the tests come up negative, you may have to ask for a special test for a mycobacteria, which sometimes can result from your activity and is not detectable on regular tests, and requires a long treatment of antibiotics.
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Hi appleme624.  Did you get to a doctor or have an appointment set up?  Hope so!!  Let us know how it goes.
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It could be any of those things, but the only way to know is to see a doctor and get a throat culture done. Only a culture can tell you definitively if you have strep or not.

Since you have symptoms of an infection in your throat, don't perform oral until you've been seen, diagnosed and treated. Some bacteria and viruses can enter the urethra and cause infections.

Feel better!
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You post a lot about your throat issues. Have you ever seen a doctor for them? You get these symptoms enough that it's time to be evaluated for them. Even if it is allergies, there are medications you can take that can help.
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Hopefully this link will take you to the image of my throat
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