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Did vicodin give me Tinnitus?

I am a 25 yr old male. I have experienced Tinnitus symptoms for probably at least a year, perhaps longer. I feel that it has gotten worse in recent weeks as now I seem to be experiencing it in both ears where I used to only notice it in one.

I have done more than my fair share of loud music listening. I've attended several concerts where I left with my ears ringing and I've done quite a bit of loud headphone listening. It's been several years however since I have been to a loud concert and I have drastically cut down on headphone usage in recent years.

What has me just as worried however is that perhaps taking vicodin has contributed to my current condition. I have grown accustomed to getting 500mg pills from a friend of mine who has a bad back and is able to get the pills from his doctor. During the past yr to 2 years I have taken them somewhat consistently, sometimes multiple days in a week. My dosage is usually in the 250mg (half a pill) range.

I'm wondering if anyone has any insight or opinion as to whether taking a low dosage of Vicodin over a long period of time could cause Tinnitus to worsen or if Tinnitus is caused more so by a large intake of Vicodin at once? I have never taken more than one 500mg pill in any one day during that time.

Also, is Vicodin induced Tinnitus something that can be reversed if the person stops taking this medication?

Would greatly appreciate any feedback. Have a great new year's everyone.
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Rush Limbaugh was diagnosed with an autoimmune issue BEFORE the truth came out, regarding his "hobby."  (By the way, Vicodin was his drug of choice)

It is like blaming herpes on a toilet seat, and then the wife finds a message from the mistress on the cell phone....    It doesn't take a rocket sceintist to put two and two together.

I have "heard" of Vicodin being ototoxic along with many other drugs....  benign drugs as asprin can harm you. Even components in gasoline or carpet glue can harm your ears. I just got a call a few weeks back regarding a fellow that tried Viagra....   yep, even Viagra can be harmful.

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Here is a specialist's page with some ototoxic ("ear-poisoning") medications:


If the link doesn't work, search for Dr. Timothy Hain's page on ototoxic meds.

I've never heard of Vicodin or similar medications as being ototoxic, although perhaps it's on some list somewhere. It's certainly not one of the "usual suspects," such as certain antibiotics ending in -mycin or -micin.

Didn't Rush Limbaugh have autoimmune inner ear disease, which caused his hearing loss? Not from ototoxicity?

Your tinnitus is much more likely due to noise exposure. You can't reverse its effects. All you can do is prevent more damage. Turn your music down, wear earplugs in high-noise situations or avoid them. Those damaged hair cells in the inner ear NEVER regenerate.

You should see an ENT and get your hearing tested, to see if there's a treatable cause of your tinnitus.

And I agree that you shouldn't take other people's prescriptions!!
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Tinnitus can be caused by numerous drugs , and numerous outside influences.
Other cases can be caused by exposure to loud noises that can & do often cause damage to the nerve center of hearing. One single exposure to a loud noise can cause irreversible hearing damage that is nerve damage & irreversible. One time only shooting a gun or hearing a gunshot in close range can cause this. Also , noises from leaf blowers , lawn mowers, Home cleaners such as power steam machines , power tools & drills, etc, can cause permanent damage to the hearing.
Imagine what damage can result from earbuds & loud music , or loud music from a concert or from your own living room.

One way to know if you might have damage to your hearing in the nerve center of hearing is that one develops tinnitus off & on . The tinnitus gets louder & more prominent after being around any type of loud noise. It can last a few minutes or for several days. For some, it is never ending , never quiet.

As to the Vicodin part of your journey , well , You do not need to take pills from a friend who has a script , if you need the meds for a condition , you need to get your own prescription for them. Certain meds need to be monitored for liver damage  or kidney damage, like if you take Vicodin & drink , well it's not that the Docs don't want you to not "feel good", it's because young folks are showing up with severe forms of liver damage or kidney damage because they are "self medicating". Also , other health related issues may develop from taking Vicodin or other meds  that need to be on your medical history if ever involved in an accident or trip to the ER.

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I think Rush Limbaugh could answer the question for you better than anyone....

that is, as long as his cochlear implant is turned on.
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