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Difference between ENT Specalist and Neuro-otologist

Is the a difference between ENT Specalist, and a neuro-otologist? or are they same thing ?
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no they are not ENT is a ear noes and thoart and a neurootologist is a barn doctor hope this helps.
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neurootologist is a sub specialty within ENT. Making the field of study a level above general ENT specialty
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Neuro-otologists (or neurotologists) are ENTs who have had years of extra training specifically in the inner ear and its connections to the brain. So they are the ones you want to see if a general ENT cannot help you with dizziness/hearing problems.

There is a certificate in otology/neurotology that they get. If you aren't sure whether an ENT is a neurotologist, you can call their office and ask if the doctor has such a certificate. Or ask for a referral.

Also check out the info on these sites:



The following is a list of American Neurotology Society members by state (not all of them are neurotologist MDs--some might just be PhDs, you'd have to call and ask):


Also the Vestibular Disorders Association Web site maintains lists of health professionals specializing in dizziness.

Lastly, there is a subspecialty in neurology called otoneurology which deals with dizziness "from the brain side." I don't think there is any certification in this; it's just neurologists who have chosen to specialize in it. Some info here:


Good luck finding the right doctor!
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They are NOT the same.  There are big differences.  
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