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ENT?? Swollen Uvula

I’m 37 yr old Female overweight (obese) for the past 2 years I randomly wake up with a very swollen uvula. Snoring is possible doctors check I don’t have sleep apnea. I hate this more than anything. I want to know how to not let it happen

If I go from obese to closer to my weight will it ease up ?
I try to stay hydrated.
It seems to happen more it I’m overtired
Any help just any help I would be so grateful

Swelling goes down after a few hours upon waking. I still hate it
Thanks so much
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Hi, I think the first step is to drink more water, then, while do that, start working on loosing weight, both should help a lot with the problem you are having.

Another thing I would try is to raise the head of your bed a wee bit, this might help as well as you won't be lying flat which can sometimes cause the swelling.
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Good idea I will try propping myself up more. Maybe this will help me push to actually lose weight.   Thanks so much  
You are so very welcome, I hope it helps.  :-)
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I would see an ENT, yes.  A swollen uvula is irritating for sure.  It irritates you?  You don't just see it, correct?  https://www.healthline.com/health/swollen-uvula#causes  I know you say you try to stay hydrated but dehydration is one of the biggest reasons for this occurrence.  https://www.webmd.com/oral-health/causes-swollen-uvula  This is another really good article.  It talks about losing weight as something to try, so yes.  I'd work on that too (good for overall health as well).  

Do you have any allergies?  That's anther culprit.  Do you take any medication?  Snoring WILL increase the chances of this swelling.  Losing weight could overcome snoring.  So it swells up but there isn't any pain?
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Thank you. Yes it irritates me immensely. I can feel it when I wake. Wake up feels basic dry but when I get a drink I see it’s not just that. Then I look to fine it swollen :-(. I will try losing weight and drinking more. Yes I do have allergies post nasal drip is common for me. So maybe it’s a combination of all. Thank you much
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