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Eardrum damaged

Hello. My 15-year-old daughter accidentally damaged her eardrum with cotton swabs and as a result has cured the eardrum. I went to the doctor and he gave me antibiotics. I wanted to ask how likely is it that the eardrum will close on its own and for how long? If not then what intervention we can do surgically and what is the success rate for you to return the ear to normal. Thank you
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Why did the doctor give you antibiotics?  If there's no infection, and frankly even if there is, they can cause problems and they won't fix damage to an ear drum.  Did you take her to an ENT or a regular doc?  An ENT can look at the ear and tell you if in fact there's damage that won't heal.  As any doc will tell you, don't let anything smaller than your elbow get anywhere near the ear drum.  I'm just wondering why potentially damaging antibiotics would be given unless the doctor found the problem was an infection of some kind, and that's not damage to the eardrum.  
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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I took the girl to an ENT specialist and he told me that the eardrum was cracked and should be treated with antibiotics because it could get an ear infection. As for the ear drum it can close on its own or not. If it does not close, it should be treated with surgery after one year.
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