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Enlarged lymph nodes in neck region

Hello, I've had a couple of ultrasounds recently that showed enlarged lymph nodes in my neck (submandibular and parotid).  Doc is recommending a wait and see approach, but from what I'm reading online this could be serious.  Should I be worried and seek another opinion?  They did not seem to grow in the four months between ultrasounds, but they didn't shrink or go away either.

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Comments from the Doctor's Office
No change in lymph nodes. Radiology recommended one more ultrasound in 9 months to document stability.

Study Result
Left parotid and left submandibular region lymph nodes
appear relatively stable since the 06/09/2020 study. Largest measures
approximately 1.6 cm in greatest dimension.
2. Additional follow-up ultrasound in approximately 9 months to 12
months could be obtained to assess further stability.


HISTORY: Lymph node enlargement.

The left parotid region there are 2 lymph nodes measuring approximately
9 mm in greatest dimension and 1.1 cm in greatest dimension.

In the left submandibular region there are 2 lymph nodes measuring
approximately 1.6 and meter in greatest dimension and approximately 8 mm
in greatest dimension.

These lymph nodes appear similar to the previous study of 06/09/2020.
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