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Eustachian Tube Dysfunction With Eye Problems

Hello! So basically for the past 2 1/2 months now I've been having fullness in my ears accompanied by changes in my eyesight.

- I went to an ophthalmologist and they said my eye pressure (IOP) is 24 in each eye, when only 2 years ago it was 16. Otherwise eyes are healthy with no damage to optical nerve.

- I went to an allergist and found out I have no allergies. Flonase, sudafed, steroids, etc... do not improve ear fullness or vision/eye pressure.

- I saw an orthopedic dr. and x-rays showed no abnormalities with cervical spine.

- After multiple hearing tests and nose/ear cameras, everything came back normal. I got a CT scan of the sinuses which also showed nothing remarkable.

- I often hear a lot of clicking in my ears, and sometimes in my eyes when I move my head up/down/left/right. I constantly feel like I need to pop my ears, and every time I do, this clicking sound happens. Same when I massage my eyelids as it feels like there is so much pressure behind my eyes.

- In the morning I can experience a lot of hearing sensitivity, and sometimes my face/scalp can feel numb.

- Sometimes reality feels a little fuzzy, as if I'm in a dream. Especially looking at my laptop and phone is overwhelming a lot of the time, and I feel as though I cannot focus on the entire picture of what I'm looking at, but only tiny pieces. This accompanies a lot of tension headaches. I get a lot of after images, too.

Although doctors tell me the ears/sinuses are not connected, I am concerned with the visual problems I'm experiencing coupled with the increase in IOP and ear fullness. I'm at my wit's end and really have no idea what this could be or what to do next.

For some additional background, I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety, and these symptoms do worsen with more stress.
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Hi there.  Oh, I had terrible Eustachian tube dysfunction!  And it was a chronic problem for a long time. then it turned into a situation of an episode every few years. I think your doctor is a little wrong as the inner ear muscles also can affect your eyes.  And vertigo and dizziness can do a job on ability to see as well.  Let me know what else has happened with this since you last wrote and we'll go from there.
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What got rid of it? This situation sounds exactly like mine and I would love to know what fixed it. Thank you.
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