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Eye pain and cough

I have had the following symptoms for three days now:

*When I move my eyes in any direction, the back of my eyes hurt.  I also cannot look at sunlight.
*When I cough (single violent dry cough), it jerks my head forward and hurts the sides of my head.
*Not a sore throat, but a raw feeling.  It's very sensitive when I breathe and makes me want to cough.  Sometimes the coughs make my throat and head hurt.
*Headache (could be pressure behind my eyes, it almost feels that way)
*sometimes my nose is stuffy, especially when laying down.

Earliest Symptoms that I experienced on the first night includes:

*extreme pressure behind my eyes.
*drainage at night of mucus from my nasal passages that night.
*all of the above symptoms.
*very tired.

I am not allergic to anything except bees.
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Day four:

When I cough once, I end up coughing multiple times, which hurts.
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Okay, now the pressure behind the eyes has decreased.  However, now I am feeling different, maybe worse.  This is day three.

The latest:

My right eye is bulging out a little bit.  I can see an indentation where it is bulging out at.

My eyes still feel some pain when I rotate them, the pain is from behind the eyeballs.

When I am breathing (when I'm not on Theraflu), I feel like part of my throat is burning.  It still feel's raw when I breathe, which makes me want to cough.

When I cough, I feel intense pain from the center/middle of my chest up to my throat, it really hurts when I cough.  I don't cough anything up, though.  But it leaves me feeling like part of my throat and chest is burning after I cough.

My ears are plugged when I'm not taking Theraflu.

Any medically inclined people know what this could be?
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Oh yeah, I am 25 and healthy, no pre-existing condition that I'm aware of.  Don't have tonsils.
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