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Hi all,

Iam having sore throat since 3 days, let me know how to cure sore throat from home.

Thanks and regards

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If the sore throat is from a virus, there are several at home "remedies" you can try - they won't "cure" the virus that is causing the sore throat, but will make the throat feel better so you're not so miserable -  hot tea with honey or lemon (or both), gargling with warm salt water, popsicles.  Stick with easy to swallow foods such as applesauce, scrambled eggs, jello - avoid spicy or highly acidic foods.  While ice cream tastes and feels great going down on a sore throat, I tend to find that it increases mucous and therefore sometimes increases coughing, which can irritate the throat - but that could just be me.  Try not to talk too much - rest your vocal chords as much as possible and when talking, definitely don't strain your voice - if all you can manage without pain is a whisper, then do that.  Sucking on hard candy or throat drops can also help - some contain menthol that can also help clear a stuffy nose if you have it - just be careful not to lay down with one of these candy or throat drops in your mouth to avoid accidental swallowing it whole and possibly choking.

The main thing to remember to do is to keep your throat moist - a most throat won't feel as sore and scratchy as a dry throat will and a dry throat is more likely to cause coughing, which will further irritate your throat.

If the sore throat is caused by a bacterial infection such as strep, the above home remedies will still provide relief from pain, but like with a virus, it won't get rid of the bacteria causing the infection and in order to do that, you will need an antibiotic.  your doctor is the only one who can determine if the throat problem is caused by a virus or an infection.  Therefore, I would suggest, if you're no better in the next day or so, or start running a fever about 101,  be sure to get in to see your dotor and get it checked out.  If you happen to have strep throat, you certainly don't want to leave that untreated because doing so can possibly cause other problems.

I hope you feel better soon!
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Drink tea and let small bites of ginger melt in u mouth or eat/drink other kind of things that contains antimicrobial peptides. Just saying..
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