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Has anyone had this surgery.

Well, I saw my GP yesterday, and the visit scared me and upset me so badly, I am still shaking this morning. He did a version of a hearing test (you wear headphones and each side is done individually) There are 4 levels of sound, two are low frequency and 2 high frequency. Well, I did fine on the left ear, but when it checked the right one (the one that has  swelling and cause all those vertigo issues I have) I did not hear the two high frequency ones. He says I have high frequency deafness in the right ear and is ordering an MRI to rule out an Acoustic Neuroma (benign brain tumor). I know what they are and the dangers of the surgery. I am petrified and have been crying off and on since I left his office. I have most symptoms of one, but don't have fascial numbness and both ears ring instead of just the right one. He said AN can mimic TMJ (Dental problems) and Meniers, but we won't know unless we scan. I have never been this scared in my life. The idea of surgery is making me sick. I don't know when the MRI will be, probably after I have another hearing scan November 10.

I am so scared, I can not even think straight.
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Yesterday was awful. I tried to wash my hair over the sink and when I bent down I had a terrifying vertigo spell, I could not even finish. I was grabbing on to the kitchen counter and trying to stand, I was crying. I finally was able to stand but was shaking so badly I could hardly walk, it was horrible  the worse I have had. I am still very shaky and feel unbalanced. I am petrified. I made an appointment to see the doctor today at 3:45, I have to get some help. I am getting paralyzed with fear. I feel like I have no where to turn, like I am trapped in this literal vicious circle.

During my doctor appointment, I described what happened and how scared I was before trying to wash my hair, I already was shaking and dizzy before I started and when I bent my head down all hell broke loose. I told him all the symptoms I had after, I was crying as I told him which embarrassed me but I am sure he has seen that before. After I finished sharing he said he truly believes that my sub-conscience has gotten out of control and it isn't my fault, past experiences have helped to make it what it is and the last few years have added to it. He said I actually had a full blown panic attack as I was trying to wash my hair and that, added to the already fear of dizziness climaxed to the full blown incident. He said I could take meds to help but with my history of bad reactions to them he didn't think it would be good and I agree, I am petrified of them. We talked some more and I have set up an appointment with him for next week for F.A.C.T. therapy.
I also told him that I now am even afraid to look at that damn kitchen sink and when I walk into the kitchen and do dishes I almost get dizzy again and panic. It's awful.
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Ah, I'm really sorry to hear you had this outcome to your latest doctor's appointment.  I had severe vertigo for a good while on and off due to a dysfunctional Eustachian tube.  It was closing in on itself.  I was so dizzy, nauseated and had trouble hearing all tones out of that ear and occasional tinnitus.  But the vertigo was absolutely the worst. Benign brain tumors are not to be horribly afraid of although any surgery or idea of a tumor is hard to not worry about.  I had a friend's husband have this surgery you are contemplating and it solved his issue.  His recovery was not bad.  Honestly, I'd rather have that than Meniers which is what I thought I had and now that this is very difficult to treat and becomes a situation where they more manage symptoms than anything else.  I'd rather solve the problem.  My issue got better when an ENT taught me how to do reverse ear pops and I briefly took some medicine.  (it was otc, psuedophedrine).  

I know you are very worried. Let's see what the MRI reveals.  hugs
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I forgot to mention, I have also been diagnosed with a possible Eustachian Tube Disorder, so that probably isn't helping either.

The more stressed I get, the more I feel the vertigo episodes.
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