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How can I stop vertigo and get rid of ear wax....

I have been having vertigo/dizziness since January 22, and now, I constantly have head zaps of vertigo and can't bend my head forward without feeling unsteady. Also, my ears ring all the time for over 5 years now. My GP says it is possibly Meneiers Disease. He wants to have a hearing test and tymp test, but he says my ears are full of wax both sides. He has suggested I use Waxsol for removal. Well, I have been using it, but it is not working at all. Admittedly, I can't lie on one side because it brings on vertigo, but I do try to keep the drops in with cotton. I am really scared, I have to get rid of this wax or the tests can't be done. He wants to see if there is any damage to the ear drum and if I am going deaf. I think I hear fine, it is this dang dizziness that is getting to me.

I notice that all this dizziness is made worse when I am stressed, and I do sleep fairly well, it starts up again after I am awake for about a half hour, then it all comes back. I am petrified to even look down for fear of getting vertigo again, it has taken my life over. I don't have any nausea thankfully and he says I don't have nystagmus, but still, this constant feeling like I will get dizzy is horrible.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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I know you've posted an update but did want to just tell you about "debrox" which is used to remove ear wax.  Buy in any drugstore or online.  I used it on my babies (it's that gentle) and on myself a year ago. :>)  Now, I had horrible vertigo.  Mine was due to Eustachian tube dysfunction.  This is what I did:  my ENT taught me reverse ear pops (hold nose and blow, ears will pop.  I did it 52,000 a day.  Then I took an otc antihistamine (claritan) and briefly an otc product kept behind the counter of the pharmacist because it is used to make other drugs (not because it is dangerous), pseudophedrine.  I chewed gum.  I got better.  There are other reasons for vertigo and one I'm interested in is a nerve that gets  aggravated.  Anyway, keep us updated.  hugs
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The drops he prescribed finally worked, they are called "Waxsol". I will try the "Debrox" next time.
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