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I am taking asverin 20 but it doesn't seem to be working- what should I do?

I have had intestinal gas problems but it was under control by weight lifting but now it is no longer effective. Two weeks ago, I had this strange cold, one day running nose, one day coughing, one day heavy muscus then coughing fits sometimes initiated by particular foods and sometimes no eating or cold air and night coughing fits( not every night) were more harsh with lots of phlegm and stomache gas and spitting out. I saw a doctor and prescribed Averin along with 3 other medicines-Lansoprazole, Tulobuterol tape, Cetirizine but with no apparent effect. What to do now?
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Has your doctor run any tests to rule out various causes, or did he/she just do a physical exam and prescribe medication?
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Mostly the latter. I asked for a blood test for peritoneum cancer ( I have lots internal exams which come up clean) and irritation ( what is the right term) which he did. Doctors  in Japan dont do diagnostic tests for GERD.  The blood results wont come back until Jan 10th.
I saw himagain was  at normal levels for CA125 and CRP.  I got some stronger anticough medicine and  because I had asthma a few times in my life an inhaler.  The doctor is a cough  specialist.
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CA125 is a marker test for ovarian cancer, no? C reactive protein increases when there is too  much inflammation in your body.  Kind of strange tests.  And both were normal.

So, what about a simple virus?  You know that medication isn't really going to affect a virus, it has to run its course. Coughs, phlegm are normal with a virus.

Silent acid reflux is what they are worried about or you are worried about since you bring up gerd?  It can cause a cough, wheezing and sore throat.  But since these symptoms are new, I'd be more inclined to suspect a virus? And you can get a temporary asthmatic condition after being sick which is maybe why you are not in need of a chronic asthma inhalers?

Here is information on gerd https://www.webmd.com/heartburn-gerd/guide/understanding-gerd-symptoms  You'll see a cough can be a symptom.  

When you say you have intestinal gas, do you mean flatulence or burning sensation?
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CA125 is also a marker for peritoneal cancer.  So if you a naturally born man then elevated CA125 indicates to get further testing for peritoneal cancer - a rare cancer rare in women, even rarer in men.  Intestinal gas- belching and some bloating and trouble sleeping without  dislodging gas. Some of my coughs were wheezing lower abodomenal coughs mostly lying down. Thank you for your reply. My current coughing fit are somewhat food related such as kiwi fruit (acid feeling inside), pineapple, honey, All Bran also less so sugar tasting foods though I somewhat get coughing when fasting or just lying down
and chocolate . I tried Nexium before but it gives me severe muscle cramps.
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