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Is there a cure for congestion/lack of mucus/fatigue/sinus pressure?

Medical condition : Fatigue/congestion/sinus pressure/lack of mucus
History: 3 Years ago found it hard to run randomly one day. Long story short symptoms got worse, woke up gasping for air and things continued to develop. My question is, has anyone found a way to cure really bad sinus pressure, one nostril always blocked, poor sleep, and return normal mucus function? I feel like i need my nose widened still as I feel like my nasal collapse is worse now, but also need some how the return of my mucus production, as it's stopped or halted for some reason.
What i've tried:
Every possible spray
Every natural miracle/allergy pill
Food diets
CT scan - Clear
Nose cam - nothing
Surgery tieing turbinates(better than reduction so no ENS) / straight septum / valv collapse fix upper
Gastro tests
X- rays
Allergy testing
Humidfier/Purifyer/Allergen sheets
Breath right strips (They help)
Sleep studies - CPAP (no help)
Polaris and other jelly creams
Drink 100 oz water a day
Almost every blood test
Conclusion: Might have forgot some things, but every doctor I see just gives up on me and every new ENT i see doesn't see anything wrong. I can't just go on my bed and sleep or take a nap as I feel like death when I wake up so I assume my body hates it now. I'm groggy all day and working out is the only relief I get after the fact. Or sniffing polaris or eating altoids. Thanks for reading.
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Not sure if you ever figured this out.. but.. I spent years treating 'sinus problems'. Tried everything that you mention, without success.
At 60  I began having other problems with eyes, mouth  tongue, ears. My rheumatologist suggested Sjogrens. Sure enough. The problem wasnt caused by 'pressure'.. it was dryness. And, unfortunately..all my efforts to 'clean it out' were only making it worse. Not saying that is the problem.. but worth looking into.
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Do you hydrate?  That always helps get mucus running.  I wonder if you have a bit of swelling in there.  Have you ever taken mucinex?  It does dry up your mucus but if there is stagnant congestion that makes you feel 'dry', that would help it.  My husband has periods of full sinuses from a sinus situation. He had surgery on them at one point. But mostly ibuprofen and mucinex help him.  Have you been to an ENT recently?  They often like a project to figure out like this!
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This is very confusing.  If your sinus is congested, it's congested with mucous.  Right?  So you aren't lacking mucous.  The sinus pressure is probably an allergy problem.  Doesn't mean it's easy to fix.  I have the same problem, but allergies are very hard to treat other than for short periods of time unless you can fix the overactive immune system that's causing it or discover what you're allergic to and avoid it.  It looks like docs aren't finding anything wrong with you but you're successful at talking them into doing a lot of stuff anyway.  Don't know what's going on, but as you seem to have tried pretty much everything except natural supplements that act as antihistamines or altering your diet to take out all the common allergens and see if that helps -- the most common are wheat and dairy.  Peace.
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Well I assume they are congested. Idk why else I have sinus pressure all the time (maybe just allergies like you said?) and I used to have alot of snot especially when I'm sick. But in the last 3 years I've had a runny nose like 6 times. No idea why.

I've gone a meat rice diet for a month straight and felt the exact same. So not sure what allergens it could be. It happens everywhere. Appreciate the response though!
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