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Jaw/Ear Pain

About a week ago I developed a slight tooth ache on the lower left. It is a tooth that is broken, but since I had root canal done on it several years ago, there's no nerve in it. Then, a few days later I started to develop an ear ache in the same area. So now it hurts from my left ear down into my left jaw as well as a slight feeling of pressure above my left eye. I also can feel like post-nasal drip when it does hurt. It doesn't hurt all the time, which leads me to believe it's not just a tooth ache. It seems to hurt worse in the evening. Sometimes I can even chew on that side without it hurting. Cold makes it really bad. Even just the cold air from the air conditioner in the car can trigger it. When it hurts the whole left side of my face from the jaw to above my eye hurts. It's an awful pain. But then it passes and doesn't seem to come back. I've been taking 3 otc ibuprofen once a day (with onset of pain..usually in the evening). That helps. I don't know if I should see a dentist or my PCP.
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Jerry, thank you for your response. No, I never had the crown put on. Insurance wouldn't cover it and I couldn't afford it.

Yeah, I think I'll try my primary care first. It's still bothering me but not as often.
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I have also had a root canal done which resulted in that tooth receiving a full crown (ouch on the cost too), and I assume you have had the tooth sealed up somehow, say a crown. You didn't say.

I would see my primary care first, to the degree I understand your problem... clearly you need get a medical check.

Also, my case, I get a tooth cleaning and check up every 6 months, or thereabout, so it I was due for that I might see the dentist first, just a practical point, not a reversal on my first suggestion.

Good luck, hope you get an easy and quick fix.
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