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Hello, I had a serious sore throat, which I thought was a common cold. Went to physician, he gave me antibiotics medication for sore throat. Infection moved into my ear, causing a problem with pressure outside and inside middle ear when checked by an ENT doctor. Therefore, pressure needed to be equalized, not really sure how pressure would be fixed. ENT doctor also wanted to see if an infection got into middle ear, therefore he punctured my ear drum and then I flinched not knowing what happened. I was always unsure if I made situation worse when I flinched, causing ENT doctor to make an incision into eardrum much larger than doctor expected.
ENT doctor mentioned eardrum will heal and things would be back to normal,  give a few weeks. There was no infection in middle ear, I was relieved. I waited and waited for about 3 months there were no change. A hole in eardrum was still present, eardrum did not heal. I was upset and given options on how to move forward.
Hearing Aid or Tympanoplasty surgery
I returned to get Tympanoplasty surgery on 10/14, once surgery was performed ear did not heal, once again. Back to same situation with no resolve and hole in eardrum still present. I was told because of no air getting into middle ear from Eustachian Tube, this caused eardrum not to heal properly.
I received new news how to approach eardrum situation, I was not thrilled and still unhappy about entire ordeal. My hearing was at 100% perfect before and it was ruined. ENT doctor suggested as he knows best, getting a Mastoidectomy. This procedure will help air get into eardrum by drilling a hole through Mastoid bone into middle ear. ENT doctor said there is no infection or disease in ear, would be simple procedure to restore hearing.
I recently took on this challenge, because of having partial hearing loss is so, so frustrating!  I proceeded with Mastoidectomy surgery on 6/15.
Presently I’m waiting to hear again, my question to other and Doctor online.
Oh yea, I had my thyroid removed years ago. I had an over active thyroid which cause me to have Hyperthyroidism. Therefore, the thyroid was removed, I’ve been taking medication for years, my levels are good, I presently have Hypothyroidism.
1. Is it possible that my body is fighting antibodies/ tissue that were removed from back of ear? Could my body interrupt new tissue is a foreign body inside the eardrum. Due to thyroid problem years ago?
2. Do individuals receive full hearing or partial hearing if Mastoidectomy surgery is successful?
3. And how long before hearing returns to full restoration?
4. What is popping sounds I'm starting to hear, three weeks after Mastoidectomy later?

PS: Cant enjoy music anymore! I

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