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Muffled hearing after ear tube placement

About three months ago I was diagnosed with Eustachian tube dysfunction. My ears had a feeling of fullness and I could hear my own voice/chewing very loudly in my head. After trying antihistamines, nasal sprays, and oral steroids, my ENT recommended a myringotomy with tube placement. I am now six days post procedure and my ears feel very clogged. My own voice is very loud to me - even louder than before. When I swallow, I can feel a clicking in one ear. Many things sound quite different to me than before. For example shutting my car door and flushing the toilet sound strange. I feel very sensitive to some sounds, but have difficulty hearing others. Is this normal? For those who have had this procedure, did you experience the same symptoms? How long before your hearing went back to normal? Hoping someone could help put my mind at ease. Thanks so much!
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